Looking for a great activity for the family? Something that not only promotes togetherness, but also exercise? One of the best ways to get out with the family in an effort to create fun and active memories, is to purchase bicycles for the entire family. Before purchasing the bikes, it is important to understand where the bulk of the activity will occur. There are two types of bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes, that have different purposes.

The main difference between a mountain bike and a road bike are the tires. Mountain bike tires tend to be made of a thicker rubber, and the tires also have traction or grips on them. Because most of the trails contain rocks and pebbles, it is necessary to have thicker tires to protect the tubing from punctures. The grips provide for more stability on trails that may not be very flat. Road bike tires are much thinner, which allows for a smooth ride on paved surfaces. The main drawback to a road bike tire is that they are not super resistant to small rocks and pebbles, which may result in the tires going flat more often.

The bikes themselves are structured differently. Mountain bikes are made of thicker aluminum or carbon pieces. This provides for more durability over the mountain trails. They also have shocks built into the tire units in an effort to provide a smooth ride. The handlebars are upright and wide in order to provide maximum stability and maneuverability. Road bikes are much thinner and lighter by comparison. The handlebars are dropped, which allows for minimum resistance. Essentially, road bikes are built for speed, whereas mountain bikes are built for durability.

When looking at bikes for the family, you need to decide where the bulk of the riding will occur. If the destination is your neighborhood park, purchasing road bikes is your best bet. If your family is more adventurous and looking for more of an endurance-type ride, seek out appropriate mountain bikes for everyone. And don’t worry, even the smallest family member can join in on the fun with a bike trailer or special children’s seat mounted on an adult’s bike. Bike experts, such as those at Diamondback Bikes, can help you to choose the best bikes for your family.

So strap on the helmets, hop on your bikes, and enjoy time with the family!