Mirrors are one of the most important features in a bathroom. Selecting and installing the right mirror will make the room more functional, comfortable, and attractive. There are endless styles and sizes of mirrors available, and finding the right one is easy when people know they need. Here are the decisions homeowners need to make before they begin shopping.

Know its Purpose

Obviously, mirrors in bathrooms help with makeup application and personal hygiene. However, they also have many other benefits. A mirror can reflect natural light from a window and reduce electricity usage. Its placement can help to create the illusion of a larger room. It is also a design element that could either stand out, like a piece of art or blend with the rest of the design.

Choose the Size

The majority of bathrooms have a mirror that is about 60-inches from the center of the mirror to the floor. The bottom will typically be several inches above the faucet handle. This is common but not required. A mirror can extend from wall-to-wall above a double vanity. It can be mounted from the edge of the sink to the ceiling or in any other size. Plan the size and mounting level based on the heights of all the people that will regularly use the mirror and how many will need it at the same time.

Consider the Shape

Mirrors are not just round or square. They actually come in an endless variety of shapes. It is possible to find triangular designs, ovals, and circles. There are unique mirrors with whimsical shapes and large mirrors surrounded with matching mirrored panes. The choice could be based on personal preference, to fit into the available space, or to make the room look larger

Mirrors are frequently bought at the last minute because they are often installed last during a renovation. This is a mistake because it may limit the size and shape of what will work in the allotted space. A better solution is to include the mirror in the design during the initial planning stage. The result will be a more custom and flattering final look.