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Know More About At-will Clauses

Agreeing to at-will employment in contracts gives you very little recourse if you’re fired without cause or compensation. Agreeing to a contract containing at-will employment clauses can put you in a precarious position that leaves you high and dry if your employer terminates you for any reason, at any time, even if the company withholds severance payments.

“Contract terms like ‘at will’ in an employment contract mean you can be terminated at will and with no right to notice or severance,” Miner said. “[This is a] big ‘watch out,’ especially if you will be posted in a remote area or foreign country!”

Client acquisitions – If you’re writing a contract for a client, consider adding a clause that stipulates what happens if that client is acquired by another company during your time working together. Otherwise, you could lose time and money.

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“If you’re serving other businesses, it’s worth addressing in your service contracts what happens if your client gets acquired,” said Eagan Heath, founder of Get Found Madison. “This happened to us when our largest client, an assisted living company, was purchased. Fortunately, the new company at least paid the termination fee, but we weren’t totally sure whether our claim would hold up if they didn’t. We had to revisit our contracts after this.”

Key takeaway: Loopholes, client acquisitions, financial obligations and foreign laws are some of the areas that could cause complications with your contracts if you don’t address them from the start.

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